Code Enforcement Officer: Dan Pollan      Telephone #: 845-292-2250 ext #: 117
    Fax #: 845-295-9216


Clerk: Jasmine Bullaro

    Telephone #: 845-292-2250 ext #: 115

Village Trustees

Lynn Barry

Telephone #: 845-292-7031
Fax #: 845-292-7032

Mayor Ronald Stabak


Village Clerks

Sanitation Department

 Scott Austin

Joshua Casiano

   Garrett Noecker

Shawn Fagan 

Jackalyn Litwak

Christopher Miranda

Street Department

   Lynn Barry  

   Tom Rampe

  Keith Smith

 ​Corey Barry

​Maurice Loucks


  Telephone #: 845-292-5420
   Fax #: 845-292-6179

Sewer Department

Mark Kellam

​Dennis Pergram

Village Clerk/Treasurer: Judy Zurawski

   Telephone #: 845-292-2250 ext #: 113
   Fax #: 845-292-2376

Deputy Clerk: Alice Beach-Gonzalez

   Telephone #: 845-292-2250  ext #: 111

Clerk: Angela Giacalone

   Telephone #: 845-292-2250 ext #: 112

Trustee Robert Mir


Trustee Daniel Wright


Trustee Joan Stoddard


Trustee Ernest Feasel


Department of Public Works

Village Departments

Chief Steven D'Agata

   Telephone #: 845-292-4422



Sewer Department

Building Department, Planning & Zoning

Water Department

Police Department

Ken Hessinger

   Telephone #: 845-292-6420

   Lily Pond Plant: 845-292-0209


​Water Department

Dave Harman​

​Matthew MacArthur

​Fred Moore 

- Village homeowners are allowed to dispose of their lawn debris at the Village of Liberty Water Department on Revonah Hill:  Monday - Friday 6:30AM - 2:30PM 

Village taxes go out every year on June 1st and are due by June 30th without penalty.  If you have not received a tax bill by the first week of June, please contact the Clerk's Office for a duplicate bill or you can view your tax bill online at:                      ​

Payments may be made in person by check, cash, or money order during normal business hours.  You can also pay your tax bill online with a credit card or check.  If you choose to mail your payment, please send it to: 167 North Main Street Liberty, NY 12754. 

All checks should be made payable to Village of Liberty.