Building Department, Planning & Zoning

Village Departments

Village Clerks

  Telephone #: 845-292-5420
   Fax #: 845-292-6179

Sewer Department

Mark Kellam

Aaron Love

​Dennis Pergram

Chief Steven D'Agata

   Telephone #: 845-292-4422


Village Clerk/Treasurer: Judy Zurawski

   Telephone #: 845-292-2250 ext #: 113
   Fax #: 845-292-2376

Deputy Clerk: Alice Beach-Gonzalez

   Telephone #: 845-292-2250  ext #: 111

Clerk: Angela Giacalone

   Telephone #: 845-292-2250 ext #: 112

Police Department

Ken Hessinger

   Telephone #: 845-292-6420

   Lily Pond Plant: 845-292-0209


​Water Department

Dave Harman​

​Matthew MacArthur

​Fred Moore 


Trustee Robert Mir


Trustee Daniel Wright


Trustee Joan Stoddard


Trustee Vicky Ferguson

Village Trustees

Water Department

Sewer Department

Department of Public Works

Village taxes go out every year on June 1st and are due by June 30th without penalty.  If you have not received a tax bill by the first week of June, please contact the Clerk's Office for a duplicate bill or you can view your tax bill online at:                      ​

Payments may be made in person by check, cash, or money order during normal business hours.  You can also pay your tax bill online with a credit card or check.  If you choose to mail your payment, please send it to: 167 North Main Street Liberty, NY 12754. 

All checks should be made payable to Village of Liberty.

Lynn Barry

Telephone #: 845-292-7031
Fax #: 845-292-7032

Mayor Ronald Stabak



Code Enforcement Officer: Dan Pollan      Telephone #: 845-292-2250 ext #: 117
    Fax #: 845-295-9216


Clerk: Jasmine Bullaro

    Telephone #: 845-292-2250 ext #: 115

Sanitation Department

   Scott Austin

Joshua Casiano

   Garrett Noecker

Shawn Fagan 

Jackalyn Litwak

Mathew Brooks

Street Department

   Lynn Barry  

   Tom Rampe

  Keith Smith

​Corey Barry